Dear Diary!

Dear diary day special

Dear Diary, Hearty Congratulations on your day ( 22nd  September) and thanks for being my friend for years, listening me without interrupting or getting bored and preserving my sweet memories…  not only this, you boosted my creativity and improved my way of thinking , you also helped me in becoming a better writer! That’s why, you have become an integral part of my daily life and without talking and sharing with you I feel something is being missed in my day…

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Diary writing is not an unusual habit, people practice. This can help you get to know yourself better, reduce stress, help you resolve disputes with others, and process difficult emotions. This can have a positive impact on both your mental and physical health. Writing diary from an early age, has a lot of advantages, if it is being done regularly and systematically. Here we tell you, how to make it easy.

First of all, let’s know that how can you make it regular. An easy trick for getting in the daily diary writing habit is keeping your diary somewhere easy to access and visible. Many people like to keep their diaries with them wherever they go, in a pocket, purse, or backpack. This way, you can write in your diary any time you have an idea for something to write about. If you are not comfortable with it, you can keep your diary in an accessible spot in your home, such as next to the bed. Keeping your diary somewhere you can see it can help you remember to write every day. Also keep a working pen or Ball pen, attached to your diary.

Though, you can write in your diary any time. But,Having a scheduled writing time reminds you that this is the time when you should write. Also, you can write more than once a day if you have something to write and think that you can forget it later.

Many times we feel very helpless and get it difficult that what to write, but if you prepare a proper template in your mind, it becomes very smooth. You can start with What did you do yesterday/today following by What lessons did you learn, What are you feeling right now, Whom you did meet, What did you read yesterday/today, What are your plans for tomorrow or What are the most important things you must accomplish today/tomorrow/this week?

What if, you missed a day? If you are, for whatever reason, not able to write in your diary one day, don’t get discouraged. Your diary is for you, and there’s no rule that says you absolutely must write every day. But, better you try not to ever miss more than two days in a row. Doing so runs the risk of getting out of the habit of writing daily.

Sometimes you may not feel like there’s much interesting going on. This can make it harder to write something interesting every day. One possibility for getting around this is to devote your diary to a specific purpose, and write about that every day. You can try a project diary, in which you write about your progress on any on-going project, either personal or school, a gratitude diary, in which you write every day about something you are grateful for, a nature diary, in which you write about plants, animals, weather, or other natural things you see each day. Even you can write a dream diary, in which you write about your dreams each morning when you wake up. You can write, not only about the events, but also your thoughts and feelings on different things or happenings.  

If you want to make your diary more attractive, make it visually appealing. You can stick relevant stickers, newspaper cuttings, photographs, etc. Also, you can draw your own, if you are good at.

There are a lot of world famous diaries, people love to read, and many of them were not written by famous people… on the contrary the publication of their diaries made them famous. May be you are the next…

-Bhumija S. Agrawal

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