Ignitiing innovations

World Creativity and Innovation Day (21st April) special

There are so many commons and differences in the creativity and innovation. Both tell, that how unique we are from others, when it comes to observe, think, change and presenting an idea or thing. Both are associated with every aspect of our life, including art, culture, science and society etc.

Image courtesy: Geralt(Pixabay)

Steve Jobs, once said that the Innovation comes from saying NO to 1,000 things. Creativity may not require this condition because it is not about saying no to the existing, but embracing the world as it is with an open heart, to present it as how we see it. While an innovative, never accepts the things in their original form and always tries to bring a change to make them better than the  earlier form.

A creative person sees and shows the world with a new and his own perspective, while an innovative person makes a change or improvement in existing thing(s) in the interest of people and society. But both, creativity and innovation, are the essential qualities for making a mark.

A lot of us, never bother about the things or issues, we get in touch in our routine life. But few people do so and think that how the things can make more better and beautiful and they pursue their idea till the end. They are called creative or innovators. 

World Creativity and Innovation Day salutes these people and inspires others to be so and come forward to make the world a better place. 

  • Bhumija S. Agrawal

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