Laugh Out LOUD… 

World laughter day (5th May) special

“ We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh…” Said, Whilliam James, an American philosopher and psychologist of the 19th century.    

Drawing by: Bhumija Agrawal

Everybody feels good, when he laughs, but few realize how precious this simple tool is, which can be improves our everyday wellness and well being. Laughter may not have enough power to heal or solve everything, but it can help us in being happy and healthy, since it gives us relief from any physical or emotional setbacks. 
There are too many benefits of laughter, we can notice and feel in our day to day life like it is a natural painkiller, it reduces the chance of heart diseases, improves breathing and blood circulation, gives us a good sleep and boost our friendship.
It is believed that human is the only living species that can laugh. But unfortunately most of us have forgotten this amazing gift of nature to us. We find a lot of reasons to cry in our daily life, but get it difficult to find a simple reason to laugh with an open heart. 
Sometimes, If we laugh, we do it as we are committing something wrong. We do not want others to see or hear that we are laughing. 
That’s why, the World Laughter Day is observed! It’s a day, that reminds us the power and importance of laughter and inspires us to make laughter a regular practice. 
World Laughter Day is celebrated worldwide, as an annual event to create awareness about laughter and its many benefits, Hundreds of people gather worldwide on this day to laugh together. 
It was initiated from Los Angeles in  2005 and has since spread all over the world as a way to express people’s love for comedy and laughter. 
Want to celebrate this amazing day? Just have a good laugh… share good jokes, watch comedy show or movie, create some funny moments with your near and dear ones.  Keep laughing, does not matter if you have a valid reason or not. Just laugh and make people laugh.

  • Bhumija Agrawal

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