Learning from the ‘Legend’

9 big things, we can learn from Big B {Birthday (11 Oct) special}

Amitabh Bachchan needs no introduction…in Bollywood language, Bole to Naam hi kafi hai. On today he is celebrating his 80th birthday. Let’s know the things we can learn from the life of this legendry actor.

Drawing: Bhumija S. Agrawal

1. Be Polite : Considered as a true gentleman of Bollywood, Mr. Bachchan never has late his success rules over his head. Despite enjoying more than four decades of stardom, he treats everyone with an appreciable humble approach. Especially his fans, kids to older fellows. 

2. Be Confident: Confidence has been one of the major factors during his entire journey. Everything he did, done with a confidence. Be it acting or business or politics…  He has never been afraid of experiments with his life.

3. Never Give Up: There were moments when he faced dark phases of his life, including health related issues, bad experience of politics, crash of his company ABCL, but he never gave up and always started afresh with a new zeal and always proved that his courage can not be challenged ever.

4. Get rid of situations, if they are not favorable: Whenever he would feel that there is a wrong cup of tea in his hand, he took no time in putting that back. Without making it a prestige point, he left politics, shuttered down the production business, when he found himself trapped in the wrong cage.

5. Don’t let your or weaknesses, block your way: Physical problems are the biggest enemy of one’s enthusiasm and motivation, but Mr. Bachchan, openly admits his suffering of TB and liver cirrhosis and has defeated his diseases and kept going on. 

6. Discipline and punctuality: Another major quality, Big B is known for is his disciplinary attitude. Despite his age of 76, he is very particular about daily work out and regular Yoga session to stay fit and active.  He never drinks or smokes or consumes sweets or non-vegetarian foods. Also, He is known for his punctuality. It is said, that he never got late on the shooting set in his 50 years’ acting career.

7. Never forget your duty toward society: Big B must be one of busiest and highest paid brand ambassadors in the advertising world, but it is said that , he does all social campaign like Swachchh Bharat, Pulse polio, TB free India, NRHM etc., for free. 

9. All Friends, No Foe : Big B is very cool and kind, and no one has claimed ever that Big B did anything wrong to him. He has no known enemy, but dozens of friends in his personal and professional life.

  • Bhumija S. Agrawal  

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