Where are you my friend?

Locte an old friend day special

There are people who we are friends with for all our life, these people who we spent our childhood with. The people who shared our laughs and tears. Who saved us from scoldings and also got us some. Who had our backs no matter what situation came up. All of us had that one  friend in our life that’s for sure. But a time comes when these friends become our ‘old friends’. We are drifted apart from each other due to some reasons. It might be change of schools, maybe one moving away to another place, etc. But what we need to remember is that these old friends are irreplaceable. Its not so easy to forget them and move on because they are the ones who we have created the stories of our lives with.

Drawing by Bhumija S. Agrawal

It used to be a bit challenging to get an old friend back in our life but thanks to technology and advanced communication modes, it is quite easy now. Now we can reconnect with our old buddies and recall our golden days with them. So let’s seize this perfect opportunity to find an old friend on this ‘Locate an old friend day’ which is celebrated on 18th September.

By using search tools and taking help from family and friends who know them or recognize them, you can know their whereabout. ‘Locate an old friend day’ inspires us to find atleast one of our friends without whom our life used to seem incomplete. Help of various websites and apps like Instagram, snapchat, skype, facebook, etc. can be taken to locate that friend. If you are young and don’t have access to social media then ask your parents to help you with it and I’m sure they’ll be delighted. Talking to an old friend will make you realize how much your life has changed.

The most important thing about this day is that when you get back to that friend there might be some twists and turns to find that connection with them again. The best thing  to do is start off by letting them talk about how they are and what they are doing, their hobbies, passions etc. eventually when you start the conversation, the old friendship will return. You can talk about the days you spent together and plan on being in contact with each other online or arrange a reunion frequently.

So don’t miss today’s opportunity to contact your friend or friends who were inseparable from you. Find them, talk to them and cherish the old days once again because old friends are like beautiful memories. They may not always be on your mind, but they are forever in your heart…  

Bhumija S. Agrawal

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